Sumo robot motors

This 37Dx52L mm gearmotor is a powerful, high-quality motor with 20:metal gearbox intended for operation at V. Key specs at V: 5RPM and kg. Good Articles From Blog. How to Make Sumo Robot ? Sumo robot pushing a 60kg student.

Choose between competiton tested 2W 4W or 6WD designs.

To further fine tune your robot choose between two voltages, and two gear reductions for the motors. My plan was to make a mini sumo robot using the most powerful motors I could fit into the mini sumo size constraint. Lynxmotion is currently developing combo kits for all of the sumo robots. I determined that the most powerful gearmotors I could put into my mini sumo robot were our 25D gearmotors.

While I might have been able to put the 37D gearmotors in a robot, it would . As the topic says, which motor (with same power rating) is to prefer for a standard (3kg) sumo ? Or are they basically the same? Compatible motors : Any 12V DC .

Need more than kits? Want to save money and host teacher training at your club or school? IMHO, for sumo -bots mass and traction (grip on the playing surface) is important. Hello everyone, I have a school project to make an arduino based mini sumo wrestling robot.

I do not know the exact dimentions but it is going to be pretty small. My next step in the project is to determine what gear ratio and motors to . I was thinking to use that in my robot , but Im wrong cause it can lose torque…. It is based on differentiate brush motors. It has enough spaces for your battery, and electronics. With holes and spaces you can attach lots of sensor models easily.

Motor makes robot very well balanced. Note: It does not come . Underneath the front scoop, the floor reflectivity circuit can detect the white edge ofthe sumo ring. Be sure to place the floor sensor circuit as close to the front ofthe scoop as possible so the robot will stop before the tip ofthe scoop passes over the lip ofthe sumo ring edge. Roundabout Sumo has its motors built into the .

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