Slip ring

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals. It can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation . Benzer Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap Measured on size alone, a slip ring is a relatively small piece of a larger engineering puzzle, but looks – as they say – can be deceiving.

MOFLON manufactures slip rings for more than years.

Slip Ring ( Rotary Konnektör – Döner Konnektör ) Nedir? Sabit bir yapıdan dönen bir yapıya güç ve elektrik sinyal iletimine olanak sağlayan elektromekanik bir cihazdır. Dönmesi gereken herhangi elektromekanik bir sistemde kullanılabilir bu sırada güç ve sinyal iletimi yapar. Mekanik performansı geliştirebilir, sistem işlevini . Slip rings enable the transfer of electric power or signal circuits across a rotating surface, such as those found in radar antennae, gun turrets, periscopes, electro- optic sensor gimbals and space satellites.

The sliding contact is established by a brush that presses against a metal ring. The “brush” can look like a brush made .

Add wheel encoders, 3degree sensors, rotating LEDs, rotors and more! Rotating slip rings connector technology for long lasting, high quality rotary transmission of electrical signal and power. Electrical slip rings perform a very useful task. JINPAT is a professional manufacturer and rotation engineering leader in providing high performance electrical slip rings and rotary joints For Your Exact Application Requirements.

Selection Matrix (images are for reference only). Orbex manufactures electric slip rings , slip ring assemblies, and precision electric motors for a broad range of industries. We have slip ring solutions for you.

SenRing is professional slip ring manufacturer with more than 18years experiences,owning RD center,factory and office both in China and USA. Main products: through hole slip rings ,capsule slip rings ,Ethernet slip rings …and so on. Typical applications:CCTV monitor systems,Medical equipments,packing machines . These unique electrical slip rings come in miniature slip ring capsules to large separates. Rotary Systems also offers seale capsule, package and . UEA slip rings are versatile and can be customized for nearly any application.

Learn more about our high quality slip ring assemblies and request a quote here. Slip ring assemblies are used for the transfer of power and data. BGB can manufacture custom units that combine power slip rings with signal, optical, hydraulic rotary joints.

Used in the majority of current work-class ROV models and underwater trenchers , geophysical, oceanographic and other winches, our electrical slip ring units are customized for the most demanding environments. The Model 1is a versatile design found in applications as diverse as Remotely Operated Vehicle systems, . Thus, the applications range from current transmission at slowly moving circular scrapers in. Our flagship line – R-Series – set the standard for quality in industrial slip ring design.

They are rugge built for long life, and easy to maintain. With an assortment of ring sizes, insulators, and bore sizes, we can assemble a ring that is ideally suited for the application. Changing brushes is easy.

Each brush can be rotated out . DEUBLIN is the leading manufacturer of rotating unions for use in the industrial sector and wind power industry.