Flintec loadcell

Flintec are world leaders in designing high-quality, innovative and reliable load cells for both standard and custom solutions. Load Cells: High-quality. Benzer Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap Flintec is a world leader in designing high-quality, innovative and reliable load cells and force measurement solutions. With offices and facilities around the globe, we serve an international customer base in a diverse range of industries.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible products to our clients, cementing a reputation as a load cell. The RC3D is the digital version of the RCload cell family.

Compact and yet very robust the RC3D has embedded electronics to provide precise weight data in a range of industrial applications. Ease of scale set-up, calibration and diagnostics are some of the principle benefits for the scale manufacturer. Flintec pioneered the concept of the single column compression load cell – the RC3.

The rocker column design ensures that the optimum weighing accuracy is achieved when subjected to scale deck movement. Find high-quality, precise and reliable planar beam load cells. The RCis the original compression column load cell designed for applications in truck scales and Process Weighingsystems. The RCis a stainless steel, hermetically sealed load cell providing superior performance in applications where moisture and high humidity are problems.

The type RCis a stainless steel self centering rocker compression load cell with complete hermetic sealing.

It is a perfect fit for use in harsh industrial environments. Wide range of capacities from 7. Ultrahawke has a fantastic range of load cell supplies, stocking the superior- quality Flintec range of load cells. These pioneering force and weight measurement solutions from Flintec set the standard with unrivalled performance. Double Ended Shear Beam DSB7.

Digital Measuring System LDU 179. The RCand RC3D are compact, robust, compression load cells manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and hermetically sealed for reliable performance in the . The Flintec RCis a stainless steel, rocker load cell designed for applications where moisture and high humidity are problems. The type PCis an aluminium single point load cell with an improved potting. This Certificate does not constitute or imply any guarantee of . Aluminium construction. Environmental Protection IP67.

Maximum platform size up to 4x 4mm. Search for further products and novelties. Açıklaması Tipi RC3D başarılı RCrocker sütun yük hücresi dijital versiyonu.

Yük hücre içinde sanat mikroişlemci sisteminin entegre bir devlet sisteminin doğruluğu ve yük hücresi olanağını artırır. Dijital çıkış kullanıcı diğerlerinden bağımsız olarak her bir yük hücresi ile iletişim sağlar.

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