Chart recorder

A chart recorder is an instrument used to record various process and electrical signals. The most traditional chart recorders record data on paper. The paper is passed under a pen and the pen is deflected in proportion to the signal. The result is a graph or chart of the data.

Between a single pen or dual pen recorder, each can be programmed for thermocouple types or process . It creates its own chart, thereby eliminating the need for an inventory of preprinted charts and providing flexibility to the user. Paper recorders often detail process or electronic data in graph formats on a strip or circular chart. Transcat offers hundreds of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic chart recorders from dozens of brands . Record pressure with and inch Palmer chart recorders.

Pressure recorder with ranges from to 30psig and accuracy of ± chart division. Palmer pressure recorder is excellent for measuring natural gas line pressure. Strip chart recorders trend electrical or mechanical signals onto paper. Even today, paper records create more permanent records for long term archives or audit.

Yokogawa chart recorder offer world-class performance and reliability. The μR series are the compact industrial recorders with the . Our range is extremely easy to use, offers up to four pens, NEMA 4X and IPenvironmental protection, integrated PID control and data logging. You hate the purchase and repair costs, the time spent fine-tuning the chart recorder to keep it running, and filing all that paper. These recorders are ideal when ultra-low temperature freezers need to meet validation and regulatory requirements. When should you use a chart recorder or data acquisition tool?

A data recorder should be used in a process where the temperature or process profile is generated by logging over a period of time. Using data acquired by one or more sensors, circular chart recorders rotate uniformly while one or more pens plots the data radially in proportion to the signal received. Find compact circular chart recorders at Grainger that can offer a complete at-a- glance history of temperature or temperature and humidity levels over time. OGME builds and certifies both New and Reconditioned chart recorders. We offer three styles of new chart recorders an exact replica of the Barton 242E chart recorder , an exact replica of the Barton 202E flow chart recorder and the OGME Pelican case chart recorder.

Please see OGME Recorder Manual, OGME Recorder . The chart recorder will continuously monitor and record freezer temperature. It is front mounted to your freezer for easy access and can be fitted to all freezer models. Pen Type: Pressure Sensitive Stylus. Battery Backup: One Volt Alkaline Battery. Battery Backup Life: Minimum hours . Chart Rotation Speed: day or hour.

PENS, ALSO FOR TEMPERATURE STATE OF THE ART. Recorders are ideal for monitoring long-term temperature trends in areas where proper temperatures are critical to product stability. Designed for use in blood banks, laboratories, storage areas, refrigerators, or freezers.

Cord-free, portable, and easy to use, recorders can be placed directly in an environment that needs to be . The Spectrum chart recorder is an inexpensive general-purpose strip chart recorder for laboratory use.

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