Wire to board connector

A wide variety of wire-to-board connector solutions that fit applications requiring high-power solutions or microminiature options. Manufactured for flexibility and reliability, our wire-to-board connectors are engineered for low-profile mating and secure terminations, with products equipped with either a friction lock mechanism or a full lock mechanism. Our LCEDI connectors offer both low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) and embedded DisplayPort . Innovative contact solutions continue to drive new technology connectors for connecting discrete wires to a PCB.

JST products that utilises crimp technology.

This module is intended to introduce various connectors manufactured by Hirose and to share some of the features and benefits. This connector adopted the first crimping method in a minimum 0. Housing lance method provides the good workability and a constriction contact method . Amphenol ICC offers an exciting range of Board to Board (BTB) connectors. The Mezzostak, Bergstak.

Discrete wire cable assemblies and components with pitch availability from 0. Headers are available in vertical and right angle, . We offer broad range of passive electronic components with leading-edge technologies.

This is Kyocera Electronic Components site. Thank you for taking time to read this question. Scenario: I am new to most of the industrial related PCB making and I need to know which connectors. WIRE TO BOARD CONNECTORS. Fixed tabs provide PCB hold-down.

Locking slots provide secure mating. Phoenix Contact now offers miniature wire-to-wire and wire-to-board connectors that lock securely together. This expansion of the PTSM line of connectors features special latching flanges on the connectors that can be easily locked and unlocked without the use of any tools. This innovative locking feature is also fully.

Tutorial about connector and its types such as PCB terminal block, FFC connectors and RMC Connectors. Wire to Board Connector. Find all the manufacturers of wire-to-board connector and contact them directly on DirectIndustry. P Connector : Available in 1~circuits.

High temperature material for reflow process. Application Tooling for the MAS-CON IDC Sockets ranges from small manual tools for low volume prototyping to higher volume “controlled cycle” hand tools for medium to high volume applications. Accepts AWG 20~strand wire.

We also offer a pneumatic version hand . Specifications are typical and may not apply to all applications. Series list search of JAE connectors. Board -to-Cable connector for High-speed transmission connector HD Seri. Digikey carries Phoenix screw terminals, I use 3. Smaller are also available, but may not support the wire sizes you want – read their specs.

Another connector type is JST connectors , there are types availalble with a locking tab too. Centerline Interconnects (24).