Voltage divider calculator

Enter any three known values and press Calculate to solve for the other. The two resistor voltage divider is one of the most common and useful circuits used by engineers. The primary purpose of this circuit is to scale down the input voltage to a lower value based on the ratio of the two resistors. This calculator helps determine the output voltage of the divider circuit given the input (or source ) . Different sets of resistor values may lead to the same identical lowest error.

Up to sets of resistors may be presente or as few as one. More than sets of resistors may . See our other Electronics Calculators. Voltage Divider Calculator. One of the most basic and common circuits is the two resistor voltage divider.

The ratio of the resistors divides and input voltage down to a lower voltage. The voltage divider is a very important basic circuit, and exploring the calculation above with various values can give you insight into a large number of practical circuit applications. One practical consideration is that a larger value of Rcompared to Rwill give you a larger output voltage.

The Java calculator below can be used to solve the unknowns associated with the voltage divider at the right. Have some fun experimenting with inputs and outputs to the voltage divider equation! Below, you can plug in numbers for Vin . This potential or voltage divider calculator calculates the output voltage in voltage divider circuit according to input voltage and values of resistance in the circuit.

These calculators perform calculations for potential divider circuits. The first one calculates the voltage from known resistor values, the second finds suitable resistor values if the desired output voltage is known. The third calculates Rgiven V Vand R1. Он-лайн расчет резистивного делителя напряжения. Resistor voltage divider calculator for calculating resistor values in a resistor divider.

Resistor Tolerance: 0. Preferred Value Series: EEEEE96. Which voltage is fixed? Image used as spacer to prevent lines in table wrapping . A voltage divider lets you convert an input voltage to a lower output voltage. The basic setup is made of two resistors: But choosing the right resistors is quite tricky. For example a 5V input can be converted to a 3Voutput quite easily.

You could take the formula and try some values in order to. Hearst Electronic Products. Close Sign In Here Register. Enter any of the three values​​, and then click the Calculate button.

Enter the value of input and resistors, you’ll get output. Online calculator for calculating resistive voltage divider automatically. Calculations: voltage divider circuit calculator dB – loaded and open-circuit damping potentiometer circuit impedance damping decibel dB attenuator impedance bridging matching – Eberhard Sengpiel sengpielaudio. Vout = Output voltage .