Thermal sensor

We offer a broad range of solutions you can integrate into your systems to measure accurately temperature ranges. The most commonly used type of all the sensors are those which detect Temperature or heat. Thermistor- Thermistors are thermally sensitive resistors whose prime function is to exhibit a large, predictable and precise change in electrical resistance when subjected to a corresponding change in body temperature. Types of Thermal Sensors.

One well-known thermal sensor is a mercury or alcohol thermometer. It uses the volume of mercury or dyed ethanol, which expands when temperature increases, to measure temperature in a tube with a temperature .

The radiated heat (far-infrared ray) produces an electromotive force on the thermopile sensor. The analog circuit calculates the temperature of an object by using the electromotive force value and a measured temperature value inside the module. The measured value is outputted through an I2C bus.

This document goes into detail about the theory of operation, types, and considerations surrounding three types of temperature measurement sensors. Each sensor option—thermocouple, RT and thermistor—is unique in its design and theory of operation. Further, each sensor option comes in a variety of . A temperature sensor plays an important role in many applications.

For example, maintaining a specific temperature is essential for equipment used to fabricate medical drugs, heat liquids, or clean other equipment.

For applications like these, the responsiveness and accuracy of the detection circuit can be critical for quality. Maxim offers a wide selection of silicon-based temperature sensor ICs for both local and remote applications. Our thermostat ICs measure temperature and provide a power switch output for use in temperature-based monitoring and control applications. Our fan controllers ICs monitor and control fan speed in system cooling . With more than 50products ranging from snap- action, limit, toggle, and pressure switches to position, spee pressure, and airflow sensors , Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions (SPS) has one of the broadest sensing and switching portfolios.

Honeywell sensor , switch, and control components are tailored to . ON Semiconductor supplies local and remote temperature sensors , with I2C, SMBus, or SST interfaces. The TMPis a low voltage, precision centigrade temperature sensor. It provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the Celsius temperature.

This sealed digital temperature probe lets you precisely measure temperatures in wet environments with a simple 1-Wire interface. The DS18Bprovides to 12- bit (configurable) temperature readings over a 1-Wire interface, so that only one wire (and ground) needs to be connected from a central microprocessor. High Sensitivity Enables Detection of Stationary Human Presence.

Superior noise immunity with a digital output. High-precision area temperature detection with low cross-talk field of view characteristics. Profiles of all the types of cryogenic temperature sensors Lake Shore offers, including silicon diode, Cernox, GaAlAs diodes, platinum and more.