Tektronix oscilloscope

Browse through a wide selection of digital oscilloscopes. There is nothing for sale here. Tektronix vintage analog oscilloscopes technologies and evolution. If you want to add to Tek or improve existing . This photograph was taken by A.

Vanderwel of an oscilloscope in the back of a dusty lab in Lusaka, long since forgotten. He writes The fan had been removed to no doubt do something more useful than sit in an inoperative oscilloscope. It was the first Tek I ever saw from the brown-era. I immediately thought of taking this . Basic functions covered.

Displays, stores and analyses in real-time three dimensions of signal information: amplitude, time and distribution of amplitude over time. An intensity graded colour display to provide frequency information of signal .

Recognition for its oscilloscopes was nothing new to . A crossover cable is an RJ-cable which lets you plug the two network ports together directly without needing a network hub. Digital Storage Oscilloscope. To view the , double click on each scope block in the model to view the . Nature moves in the form of a sine wave, be it an ocean wave, earth- quake, sonic boom, explosion, sound through air, or the natural frequency of a body in motion. Energy, vibrating particles and other invisible forces pervade our physical universe. Even light – part particle, part wave – has a fundamental frequency, which . COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCE.

PLEASE CHECK FOR CHANGE INFORMATION. AT THE REAR OF THIS MANUAL. Product Group Revised . DPOs deliver a new level of insight that makes dealing with . If a product or CRT proves defective within the respective . The Series MSO mixed signal oscilloscope is said to offer a series . Our main goal is to share our .

Broadcast engineers have always used oscilloscopes for their go-to test and measurement solution, and nearly every engineering maintenance bench includes a reliable general . Free Next Day Delivery. Information in this publication supersedes that in all previously published material. Specification and price change privileges reserved.

TELEQUIPMENT is a registered trademark . It also provides information about feature.

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