System sensor flow switch

Our products can expertly monitor fire sprinkler systems and control valves to enable personnel to respond quickly to changes in fire sprinkler system status. Waterflow detectors monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads. Supervisory switches help prevent tampering or incorrect setting of valve controls.

The WFDN series detectors provide a mechanical time delay to help prevent false alarms. The retard mechanism and dual SPDT switches are field-replaceable. Supervisory pressure switch adjustable response to 2PSI, for dry pipe fire sprinkler systems or pressure tanks and water pressure supp.

Operating Temperature Range. F to 120°F (0° to °C). Triggering Threshold Bandwidth Flow Rate. The EPSand EPS1Series supervisory pressure switches are intended for dry pipe systems or pressure tanks and water supplies of . All switches actuate when the water flow rate is gallons per minute or greater, but will not actuate if the flow rate is less than gallons per minute. Two conduit openings permit easy attachment to the local alarm system.

The WFD60N is a waterflow detector for installation on in. Static Pressure Rating: 4PSI​. The WFD20N is a waterflow detector for installation on in.

Cover tamper switch kit for WF OSYand PIBVseries products. Replacement retard kit for WFD series . Visual switch activation (Model WFDT). The non-retard t-tap detector shall respond with no time delay to waterflow in the specified direction and range. The new WFDTN Series waterflow detectors from System.

The model WFDTN is a vane-type water flow detector for use in wet-pipe fire. Sensor consists of a rugge IP56-rated enclosure that is more. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION. Vane-type water flow detectors mount to water filled pipes in fire sprinkler systems.

Water flow in the pipe deflects a vane. Connect the switches as shown in Figure depending on the application. Detector is designed for primary signaling in residential systems and fits within 2× stud wall construction. Residential sprinkler systems.

Sealed retard mechanism. Rugge dual SPDT switches enclosed in a . The WFD40N is a waterflow detector for installation on in. NFPA 13R: Standard for Multifamily Dwellings.

Optional for UL and ULC models, part no.

ASSEMBLY DIAGRACOVER. The nerve centers of a fire sprinkler system are the switches and valves that control the entire system. Regardless of valve type (outside screw valve monitoring and yoke, post indicator, butterfly, or non-rising stem gate valve), our OSY PIBV . System Sensor offers a variety of choices for supervising system control valves.

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