Smd resistor

This simple calculator will help you determine the value of any SMD resistor. Note : The program was tested rigorously, but it still may have a few bugs. Benzer Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device.

Find here how to read the resistor SMD code and what the standard sizes are. Başka bir görseli rapor et Lütfen rahatsız edici görseli rapor edin.

Surface mount device , SMD , resistors are the most widely used electronic component. This app provides a very simple and efficient way to calculate SMD resistor code. Bu uygulama SMD direnç kodu hesaplamak için çok basit . In the same way as wire ended components, precision resistors ( or better) may be marked with a four digit code. The first two (or 3) digits are the first two (or 3) digits of the . Thick Film Chip Resistor -SMDC Series. This specification applies to all sizes of rectangular-type fixed chip resistors with Ruthenium-base as material.

Small size and light weight.

VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY, INC. SMT Resistor Code Calculator. This is a SMT resistor calculator entering a resistor code or resistor value will return the Resistor Value plus commonly used three and four digit SMD codes. Find other Surface Mount Device codes markings or values visit our SMT Code Finder page. Surface-mount technology ( SMT ) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs).

An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device ( SMD ). In industry it has largely replaced the through-hole technology . Soldering SMD resistor. SMD Resistors : Surface Mount Resistor. Free engineering kits to qualifying companies and a liberal sampling policy. Same day shipment available.

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Packaging Cut Tape (CT) Resistance ( Ohms) 10k Tolerance. A SMD resistor appears black from top with some blue colour.

The colour at the bottom is white.