Siemens servo motor catalog

The products and sys- tems presented in this catalog are manufac- tured and distributed using a certified quality management system in accordance with. The main motor SIMOTICS M-1PHis the dynamic and high precision universal motor for main drives and conventional machine tool spindles. W to 2kW (hp to 4hp). SINAMICS S1servo drives.

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This document contains safety instructions, technical data and operation rules for servo actuators and servo motors of. The documentation is aimed at planners, project engineers, commissioning engineers and machine manufacturers, offering support during selection and . Assemblies for Siemens motors. Correct, reliable operation of the product requires proper transport, storage, positioning and assembly as well as careful operation and maintenance. All names identified by. For special versions of the drive units and motors , information and data in the catalogs and quotations additionally apply.

Technical Descriptions can be obtained from your local Siemens office with. The following limits are always valid for the servomotor –drive converter module.

SIMODRIVE Planning Guide Motors (PJM) – 11. Water cooling (9th position of the Order No.: W) available for selected types. Servomotor – and feedback cables in acc. Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global powerhouse in electronics and electrical engineering, operating in the industry, energy and healthcare sectors. For over 1years, Siemens has stood for technical achievements, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality.

Eurton Electric repairs and rewinds electric fan . Dreisilker Electric Motors is an authorized Siemens distributor. We carry Siemens electric motor controls, starters, overload relays, contactors and etc. Electromotoric actuators for use with air dampers and control valves of oil or gas burners of small to medium capacity. Standard type, forced ventilation. Core type, natural cooling.

The motors are referred to generally in this . Pole Number :Pole Number. Product Series :AC motor for main spindle drives. Supplementary information :None. Type of construction :IM B3.