Benzer Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap In the Safe Switching and Monitoring section, you will find an extraordinary large programme of safety-related switchgears for the position monitoring of guard doors and the non-contact protection of hazardous zones and danger points, as well as safety switching appliances for special applications. Schmersal online kataloguna hoş geldiniz. Emniyetli anahtarlama ve denetleme.

Güvenli Anahtarlama ve Kontrol kısmında koruma kapılarının konum kontrolü ve tehlikeli noktalarla tehlikeli bölgelerin temassız korunumu olduğu kadar özel uygulamalar için emniyetli anahtarlama cihazları için emniyete ilişkin anahtarlama . For decades, its products have revolved around safety in the workplace and it is among the leading, most expert international companies in this demanding market. Based on our comprehensive portfolio which includes more than 2000 .

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KG, with headquarters in Wuppertal is a global manufacturer of safety switchgear and systems. Additionally, the company is a developer and manufacturer of switchgear for industrial automation and lift technology. The company is being managed in the second and third generation by the . Accessories mounting plates.

Position switches with safety function.

Safety switch for hinged guard doors. Cechy charakterystyczne AZM 4to m. N, bistabilna, aktywna zasada działania oraz elektrycznie wysuwany sworzeń ryglujący. Oznacza to, że nowa blokada może pracować również na bardzo dużych, zautomatyzowanych osłonach bezpieczeństwa, . The technical information found in this catalog was reviewed and found to be current at the time of printing. KG develops, manufactures, and sells switchgears for industrial automation and lift industries worldwide. It offers safe switching and monitoring devices, such as safety switches with separate actuators, solenoid interlocks, door-handle actuators, safety switches for hinged guards, . They offer considerably more diagnostic information and extreme flexibility.

A particular benefit is that different electronic safety switchgear systems, such as sensors and interlocks, can be mixed and . Today, our products are used wherever very particular requirements are applicable under difficult and rough operating . Sikrere arbeidsmiljø for menneske og produksjon. Sammen med våre kunder arbeider vi for å gjøre industriens arbeidsmiljø sikrere. Turvallisempi työympäristö ja tuotanto.

Yhdessä asiakkaidemme kanssa teemme työtä teollisuuden turvallisemman . With such an extensive range, we can supply everything you need to keep your machinery and employees safe. Ассортимент продукции включает . Appropriating and reinventing familiar themes and motifs from the late Medieval period to .

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