Rs485 usb converter

Large selection, low prices and fast shipping. The housing is made of hardened ABS plastic with a reinforced terminal header for easy . If you need protection, reliability, . The cable provides a fast, simple way to connect devices with a RS4interface to USB. Each USB – RS4cable contains . Whitepapers and articles explain the RS 4protocol.

Product offerings that include RS-4to RS-23 RS 4to USB converters , and more. All these can be used with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Provide Full Or Half Duplex Signals Without A jumper! Connect your RS 4or RS 4peripheral to a USB Port and instantly protect against 600W lightning strikes and 15KV ESD surges.

With a terminal board connector include this converter is the cutting edge of serial . The video shows the communication between the recorder having RS4port and PC through RS4to USB. Universal Serial Bus ( USB ) drivers make this converter compatible with most software developed for RS-2serial port interfaces because it appears as an RS-2port to your . This is the newest revision and fixes issues with the last board. EasySYNC Ltd is a supplier of serial communications and instrumentation products with specialist expertise in serial connectivity solutions based on USB , .

This converter provides two way serial communications signal conversion between the RS4to and . USB connection on one en RS4selectable connection on the other end. Features: No external power supply needed. Works with many devices such as: Modems, Smart Card Readers, Terminals, Point of Sale devices, Industrial Control Devices , . There are no command structures, whatever is sent to the Virtual Comm Port is automatically converted to RS4and vice versa. It features surge protection to guard against unpredictable voltage spikes.

Suitable for industrial, military, marine, science and custom built applications. One USB A male to male cable is supplied. USB to RS4signal Converter. Includes a 610mm USB A . The USB -i4module is a cost-effective way to convert RS4or RS4industrial buses to a USB interface. Browse our latest KVM Mixed Cable Assemblies offers.

Free Next Day Delivery. The CN7-485- USB -mini-node communication signal converter is a low cost device that converts half duplex RS-4serial communications signals into a signal that can be read by any computer with a USB port. The integral USB connector and RJ-connector reduces set up time by eliminating extra wiring. The fully galvanically isolated giving valuable protection to .

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