Resistor calculator

More online conversion calculators at Digi-Key. Tools Önbellek Benzer Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap Overview. Are you having trouble reading resistor color codes? If your answer is yes, then this tool is specifically designed for you!

To use this tool, simply click on a particular color and . The calculator above will display the value, the tolerance and performs a simple check to verify if the calculated resistance matches one of the EIA standard values.

Hover above the tolerance for min. This resistor color code calculator will help you determine the value of axial resistors marked with color bands. Resistor color code calculator. You can select the colors of the corresponding bands by clicking on them in the table.

The resistor will visually show your band color . Calculate resistor color codes with this handy reference app. The app is useful for every maker, engineer, student and arduino or raspberry pi tinkerer when working with electronics. Supports and 5-band resistors ! The industry standard resistor color code is used to identify the resistance value of resistors used in all kinds .

This JavaScript-based web app comes from my JavaScript Bible books (dating back to the very first edition with a few upgrades a long time ago). Although I have removed other book examples from this web site, this page remains the most popular destination within dannyg. A resistor is perhaps the most common building block used in circuits. This tool is used to decode information for color banded axial lead resistors. Trying to run something at a different voltage then you can try a simple resistor to do the job.

Simple example provided with the calculator. Free online tool to calculate the resistance of a conductor or the total resistance of circuits in parallel or in series, along with hundreds of other free calculators. This is a great multipurpose resistors calculator ! Not only does it give you the information you nee but it provides intermediate information to help students understand how the processes work. This application is a must-have for students or hobbyists. Multiple screens allow you to perform various . Type resistance to display bands, or select bands to display excact and preferred values.

Voltage divider calculator – calculates the voltage drops on each resistor loa when connected in series. Some good values to try: As supply voltage: For molex: and volts. As led forward voltages: Red and green: volts.

Led current: 20mA will work for most regular leds. Superbright leds can go from 30mA up to several amps. Pick a different tolerance ( default).

When we use LEDs in circuits we always use a series resistor.

You can also watch this video where Kevin explains why we always use a series resistor , and explains how to calculate the value of the resistor.

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