Redis c# example

Replace controller = Home in the following code in the RegisterRoutes method with controller = Teams as shown in the following example. Configure the application to. Search for redis in your nuget window.

Once installed you will see in your output windows. Below is a sample code to connect to localhost of your redis. Some examples of supported formats: localhost 127. Any additional configuration can be specified as QueryString . General purpose redis client. Contribute to StackExchange.

To do this, create a new Console Application project in Visual Studio. You can install ServiceStack. The simplest configuration example is just the host name: var conn = ConnectionMultiplexer.

Additional options are simply appended (comma-delimited). Ports are represented with a colon ( : ) as is usual. Azure (из-за чего даже переименовали Windows Azure в Microsoft Azure), все большее движение Asp.

Clients with some activity in the official repository within the latest six months are marked with a. Please fork the redis -doc repository and edit the clients. Want your client listed here? Submit a pull request and you are done.

Of course in this case a Pull Request is welcome. Net but the code is the same for the other librarys, just the Nuget Package changes. To adapt this example to your code , make . This example code requires the following nuget packages: StackExchange. In the Documents Service source code, replace the code inside ServiceHelper.

Combine this package with the. And now some examples : Base usage. The provider helps you with some basic Helpers to access all . Every had a latent bug go undetected and then jump up and bite you? Yeah, not the nicest feeling.

Redis Cluster data sharding.

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