Pt100 transmitter

Built-in push buttons allow for easy configuration and ranging. Find great deals on eBay for PT1Transmitter in Automation Sensors. Temperature Transmitters. A temperature transmitter is a device that connects to a temperature sensor to transmit the signal elsewhere for monitoring and control purposes.

Typically, the temperature sensor is either an RT Thermisor or Thermocouple type sensor and will interface with a PLC, DCS, data logger or display . Supports exclusively PT1resistance thermometers temperature sensors.

Free Next Day Delivery. The transmitter is a two wire device, and is fully configurable by the user, over a wide temperature range, with the aid of a simple push button. The Laureate RTD temperature transmitter provides a linearize highly accurate, stable and repeatable transmitter output for 1ohm platinum, ohm copper and 1ohm nickel RTDs. Pt1platinum RTDs can have a DIN alpha of 0. The RTD type and temperature range, specified in °C . Custom Please contact Sales Office.

CO-P transmitter is a Pt1temperature transmitter into a 4-mA. A) electric signal at adjustable microprocessor. Find all the manufacturers of pt1temperature transmitter and contact them directly on DirectIndustry.

RTD Pt1Head Mounting Linearised Transmitter. Programmable 2-wire Transmitter dedicated for Pt1sensors. Cable resistance : Max 25Ω per wire. Connection : or wires.

Suppliers of measurement, control and datalogging technology. The SEM203P temperature transmitter provides an ideal solution to generate the industry standard to 20mA signal when connected to a Pt1temperature probe. If you buy temperature probes from us as well as transmitters, we assemble and test the whole assembly before shipment. A simple push button operation . Log-in or register for your pricing.

Field mounted HART temperature transmitter. Analogue temperature transmitter. For Pt1sensors, PC configurable, head mounting version.

Our microprocessor based range of linearised Pt1transmitters are factory ranged for your convenience. They offer high accuracy yet low cost and are ideal for a variety of industrial applications. They can be optionally DIN rail mounted. These transmitters need a regulated power supply, please specify part number . For example with saving of the galvanic insulation, which is not need for PT100.

Therefore the TH1offers economic plant operation and reliable measurements.

It is an ideal substitute for over aged analogue PT1transmitters. Setup is quick and easy with the transmitter -modem and SIPROM T. T24-TA wireless PT1temperature sensor transmitter module allows wireless transmission from a temperature sensor to a PC, indicator or analogue output. This configuration tool .

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