Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor is a device for pressure measurement of gases or liquids. Pressure is an expression of the force required to stop a fluid from expanding, and is usually stated in terms of force per unit area. TE Connectivity ( TE) designs and manufactures pressure sensors ranging from the sensing element to system packaging for harsh environments.

Sensors, Transducers ship same day. We are an industry leader for our .

Please view our large selection of . With a choice of connectors, outputs and pressure ranges, Honeywell pressure sensors and transducers can be configured to meet the needs of the application. Our very large pressure sensor portfolio contains a wide variety of pressure ranges, diverse packaging, and porting options. New applications for pressure sensors emerge every day as . Thousands of In-Stock Pressure Transducers.

Or build your own Pressure Transducer. Learn how to measure pressure with pressure sensors.

Understand the types of sensors available and the appropriate hardware to accurately take pressure measurements. When your applications require exceptional pressure sensing performance and long-life reliability, look to Gems to deliver. Our capacitance type sensors are ideal for . What is a pressure sensor ? Working principle of different types of pressure sensors like strain gauge, capacitive, piezo electric pressure sensor.

Measurements for pressure. In stock with online shopping available. Pressure transmitters and transducers with industry-leading performance help improve operations in a wide range of industries. This Component Finder will make it easier for you to search for generic pressure sensors that can be used for general measurements in research and development or in test laboratories. As well as generic pressure sensors , Kistler offers a vast range of customized solutions for pressure measurement in specific applications . The SciLog SciPres combines pressure sensing capabilities and the convenience of disposability with easy setup.

Pressure sensing is our core technology, and with years of sensor . Each sensor is preprogrammed and barcoded with a unique ID for easy traceability and data documentation when combined with the SciLog SciDoc software. At Stellar Technology, we are continually working to create innovative and durable pressure sensors that work for any application. The pressure range applications can be from.

As a world-leading supplier of pressure sensors , Sensata Technologies is able to leverage a broad and well established portfolio in the air conditioning, refrigeration, and industrial marketplace. With hundreds of millions of pressure sensors in the field today, Sensata has the experience to serve most any application. The NPA is a new family of OEM miniature pressure sensing products offering best in class performance for OEM applications in healthcare, industrial and transportation markets. Packaged in an industry standard surface mount SOICpin package, the NPA Series is available in Gage, Absolute or . A versatile product platform, it excels in even the most challenging application. The field-proven polysilicon thin film pressure sensor provides excellent over pressure capability and outstanding durability in the presence of shock and vibration.

A perfect choice when . Electronic pressure sensors are used for recording pressures in fluid technology systems. Functionality and form of execution are determined by the respective utilisation conditions. In order to fulfil these requirements, HYDAC offers a comprehensive programme from miniature pressure transducers to customer- specific . Our control products support multiple switching and output requirements.

You can use them in a variety of applications and environments. The more pressure you apply, the more signal it sends out. A sealed capacitive sensing element is used for pressure measurement, guaranteeing high precision and accuracy across .

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