Polyester capacitor

The polyester uses a polyester film for its dielectric which sits between the two capacitor plates. It is the properties of this dielectric that gives the polyester capacitor its unique properties. They are manufactured both as metallized wound and . The capacitor is robust and can be used in many applications where some other forms may not be suitable.

The core difference between these capacitor types is the material used as the dielectric, and the proper dielectric must be chosen according to the application.

PTFE film capacitors , for example . It has further excellent self-healing properties and good temperature stability. The temperature coefficient of the material is positive. Another type of film capacitor , mylar caps have the great properties of high heat and humidity resistance. Because of this, they are able to be used in harsher environment applications like power . Polyester capacitors are regarded as “general purpose capacitors”.

A full film capacitor selection that can be used as a polyester film capacitor , metal, polypropylene film capacitor or for any application that requires electronic film capacitors. Metallized polyester film capacitors (MKT).

Please read Important notes. Film Capacitors from EPCOS include metallized film capacitors with PP or PET dielectric material (MKT, MFP, MKP). Film capacitors also include EMI suppression capacitors for extreme safety requirements. Save more when you buy in bulk.

I will use a ceramic disk cap for high frequency and polyester for general use. You must look at the tolerance, the temperature they can handle and the amount of noise they produce. Go to TONY VAN ROON site and . ТЕF 250V metal-film capacitor can help you with many of your electronics projects. This article explains what polyester capacitors are and their uses and advantages.

European capacitor material codes. FKC = metal foil and polycarbonate. FKP = metal foil and polypropylene. MKC = metallized polycarbonate foil. MKI = metallized polyphenylene sulphide.

MKP = metallized polypropylene. MKS = polystyrene (metallized or with foil) MKT = metallized polyester foil . Carli Group Limited on Global Sources.

Wound-film and stacked-film capacitors cover wide ranges, from small signalcoupling capacitors to large high-power filters. The different dielectrics are their most interesting ingredients. F 3kVDC Ceramic Capacitor. Mylar—a trademark of E. The 225P series capacitors in 100v rating are ideal for work in guitar wiring where a smaller footprint is needed to fit in the tight spaces often found in instrument control cavities.

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