Planar transformer

Planar transformers are devices used to exact standards with precise electrical characteristics such as capacitance, output, and aspect ratio. They are used to carry out military and aerospace projects. ADVANTAGES OF PLANAR MAGNETICS.

In contrast to the helical windings of conven- tional magnetic devices, the windings of planar transformers and inductors are located on flat sur- faces extending outward from the core centerleg. Magnetic cores used with planar devices have a different .

Standex Electronics planar magnetics include planar transformers and planar inductors available in a variety of standard core sizes with custom configurations. As more and more industries begin to feel the push toward higher efficiency and performance along with miniaturization, the planar transformer continues to emerge . Coilcraft Planar transformers. High power densities and great reliability and repeatability. Click here for a summary of our newest planar transformers and a detailed description for determining losses and overall efficiencies. The planar transformer , or inductor, is a low profile device that covers a large area, whereas, the conventional transformer would be more cubical in volume.

It took a few engineers with the foresight to come up with a way to increase the power density . Planar Magnetics is the new buzz word in the field of power magnetics.

These transformers are available in multiple turns ratio and surface-mount or through-hole configurations. Medium power (kW to 3kW) models are also available for . THIS DOCUMENT IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. In this Planar Transformer mini case study, we discuss how we partnered with an aerospace customer. The basis for planar transformers are multi-layered printed circuit boards. Today, the development of planar transformers requires the use of components with minimum dimensions, because the dimensions of the.

Abstract: Multilayer planar transformers are widely implemented in power electronic applications. A planar transformer is essentially a transformer that uses flat windings, usually on a printed circuit boar instead of copper wire to form the coils. The PCB construction creates a different form factor that offers some unique advantages and a few tradeoffs.

What are the advantages of planar transformers ? Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc. The series is optimized for frequencies ranging from 200kHz to 700kHz, with 500VDC isolation and 250W power handling capabilities. Developed to be fully . Measurements on planar E core transformers under operating conditions with windings in multilayer PCBs show that the thermal resistance is substantially lower.

This is caused by the improved surface to volume ratio. Our new series of low-loss, flat coil SMT planar transformers. A high efficiency power solution for applications with restrictive height constraints.