Pins and sockets

The purpose of this website is to supply study information . Specify genuine Deutsch pins and sockets. Pin and Socket Connectors. Dimensions are in inches and.

Revised 5-millimeters unless otherwise reference purposes only.

The contacts listed below are used in our DAP ( glass-filled Diallyl phthalate) HV subminiature- and our pin circular PEEK connectors. The female contacts come sleeved as standard. Pins and Sockets (TYPE: T-2). BGA test socket features precise ball-to- pin alignment.

It uses a compression screw to apply downward pressure and thus allows the device to convenientl. USB connectors, Horizontal-A Type, Vertical- A Type, Cable Plug -B Type, Cable Plug-Mini USB, USB plug kit, USB2. Contact us today for a quote.

There are many different designs of multicore plugs and sockets, but they all have a few common features. Also, any available undamaged pigtails on the connector may be used. Principles, Operation and Maintenance Michael H. General aviation connectors (D-shaped) Figure 20. Low Profile Solder Cup Headers . The mechanical and electrical interfaces between the product and PCB are made by a spring-like- compliant section and a plated through-hole.

Compliant Tail Before and After Insertion. Aircraft Spruce supplies components for a wide variety of homebuilt aircraft and discount pilot supplies. Stage pin connectors are generally used for conducting dimmed power from a dimmer to stage lighting instruments, . For customers who make or integrate their own sockets or board interfaces and want the convenience of an integrated pin -in-plastic insert solution, Plastronics offers three contactor insert product lines.

Find great deals and get free shipping. Polarized Connectors – Housing (2pin – 6pin) CONP-HOUS £0. RFID Header Sockets 2mm (pair) RFIDHEAD £0. We carry a wide variety of electrical and lighting products.

New Product: High Voltage Connector Pole,Pole AC7.

These standard machined pin sockets have 0. LED Matrix Displays and 17-segment Alphanumeric displays. Compare Parts, Datasheets, Image, Digi-Key Part Number, Manufacturer Part Number, Manufacturer, Description, Quantity Available ?

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