Photometric viewer

It lets you quickly view, find and convert photometric data files. Acuity Brands Lighting. New Folder Log OutDropbox Login. Filename: Show all file types.

Lux permite visualizar la descripción y datos técnicos de una fuente de luz artificial así como los diferentes . And to include not just the technical data but an actual visual of the light as it looks when rendered.

This seemed splendid based on the demo that I saw, but only works for Windows. Following the the basic photometric performance for the product you selected. IESviewer is a photometric viewer. Use the links below to download the photometric data files you need.

You have the option of downloading the full set of files, subsets of files or individual files. At the individual file level, you also have the option of using our online photometric viewer to see key information about each . Lithonia Lighting provides IESNA formatted photometric data to help lighting professionals select products and options that are most appropriate for their requirements. Additionally, there are utilities that can manipulate the photometric data in a number of . We now have an enhance web-based photometric viewer for each Holophane luminaire on our website.

Located under photometric data for each product, please select the icon to access the new viewer. Photometric Data (IES) Files. The new viewer includes standard photometric information as it always has, but . Back at the opening screen, we see a Lighting Software section. We want to download this viewer.

The IES files also help developers analyze their product performance, and help marketing to generate product collateral. In addition, two reports can be viewe side-by-side, for quick and easy comparison. Customers can download the entire library, individual product groups or individual files.

Report details, such as the fixture efficiency, lamp lumens, etc. Here is a program which shows your photometric files in different tabs, and each tab shows you a different aspect of you photometry. On opening a file (LDT, IES, OXL etc.) you are . Depending on the software use you might also be able to render a grayscale representation of how the . Not only does the program show you luiminaire photometry data, but you can edit the data as well.

Other advanced functions are batch file conversions and . It is recommended that you have a photometric viewer to access these files.

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