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FOPO creates equivalent PHP obfuscated code which requires no special server runtime for execution. Submitted code gets deleted immediately after obfuscation and is not stored in any way. Also there are many encoders aroun some free, others commercial, some commercial encoders are realy goo but rather expensive. Encoding costs from just $0.

It does not encode the source code, it does obfuscate it.

The full version allows you to encrypt a whole PHP application automatically. Online version: You can either obfuscate a. This encoding is designed to make binary data survive transport through transport layers that are not 8-bit clean, such as mail bodies. You might also like the online. Test and run json_encode online in your browser. Returns a string containing the JSON representation of $value.

This online tool use also PHP to protect your code from . Convert and protect your PHP scripts to unreadable, but still executable.

This is a list of tools you can use to protect your PHP code. This tool helps you encoding arbitrary texts to and from kinds of charsets. Feel free to give feedback to mario. Zend Guar the most widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation product on the market, protects your application from unlicensed use and reverse.

Simple online PHP obfuscator. Developers encodes their PHP files to keep their code or intellectual. Post Jobs for free and outsource work. Baseencoder and decoder implemented in php. This encoder and decoder is using php language functions base64_encode() and base64_decode().

HotScripts Development Tools from Hot Scripts. CW) is a free online community for webdevelopers and beginners. Newbies can submit their questions and reply to existing questions. CW does not guarantee or warrant reliability of . This function encodes the string data to UTF- and returns the encoded version. UTF-is a standard mechanism used by Unicode for encoding wide character values into a byte stream.

The HTML character encoder converts all applicable characters to their corresponding HTML entities.

Most programming languages provide a way to convert HTML entities to their associated character and vice-versa. To protect against local date changes for trial versions of your protected scripts there is an option for time checking using atomic online time servers. I just found out recently that the PHP encoder tool provided by Byterun is no good as they include a malicious Javascript when encoding a code in PHP. I would like to know if there are any online PHP encoders out there which does what it is supposed to do and does not include any malicious code in its . Онлайн Ioncube кодирование (шифрование) файлов бесплатно!

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