Nikola tesla

Döneminin çok ilerisinde olan mucit dünyayı kökten değiştirecek icatlara imza attı. MNG Kargo Mobil uygulamasını hemen indirin! This page is dedicated to the greatest Scientist and Inventor the world has ever known:.

The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and and fills our hearts with supreme delight. Edison and how his douchebaggery had a . But the Serbian-born scientist-inventor is also known for his strange obsessions and some truly bizarre behavior.

While his contributions to science went underappreciated for years, his work is finally being recognize and the compelling details of his personal life keep interest in him alive. Here are a few highlights from his intriguing life. He was one of the most important contributors to the birth of commercial electricity. Check back each day to learn more about their lives, their inventions and how their contributions are still impacting the way we use . He invented the first alternating current (AC) motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology.

Though he was famous and respecte he . His inventions paved the way for electric motors, radios, fluorescent lights, lasers, and remote. He also developed the three-phase system of . The Problem of Increasing Human Energy.

Categories( click to retract ). One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think . But he also had some weird ideas about the social issues of tomorrow. Eccentric Serbian-American engineer who made many contributions to the invention of electromagnetic devices. His father was an orthodox church priest. The information is automatically updated on every minutes and is for informative purpose only. In case technical issues prevent timetable from being updated for flight status please contact our Flight information desk.

Admittedly, he also had more loose screws than a Mechano set. El Misterio de La Torre Wardenclyffe. Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency – A Lecture.

Tesla had a keen memory and ability . Born to Serbian parents in the village of Smiljan (Austrian Empire at the time, Croatia today) and immigrant to the United States, . Share with your friends. The Serbian-American scientist was a brilliant and eccentric genius whose inventions enabled modern-day power and mass communication systems. He was born in a lightning storm 1years ago, and once shook the poop out of Mark Twain.

Inventor, visionary, futurist and terrified of germs, he is.

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