Makey makey piano

Play some bongo drums with the space bar and left arrow. Turn anything into a drum! Piano A piano designed for Makey Makey. Play a melody with the arrow keys and space bar (and click, too).

A sampling synth for Makey Makey.

Record your own soun use preset scales, and set the keys to play just the notes you . We remixed this piano so you can use it with MaKey MaKey! Shared: Modified: Favorite this project 441. This project is designed to work with a Makey Makey boar using all of the standard keyboard inputs to play notes on a keyboard. I made this just for fun ^_^.

Get yours at makeymakey. Make a piano out of bananas, play Mario on Play Dough, let your kitty take a. Brian Benchoff whips up a banana piano for his review of the Makey Makey.

A great and fun starter project for using a MaKey MaKey is to use different objects to replace the computer keyboard buttons to play a virtual piano. Play simple piano chords with the touch of a button using MaKey MaKey. There are many great Makey Makey piano tutorials on the web. NCSU student Tori McKinney created this project for COM 2Communication and Technology. Welcome to the world of MaKey MaKey ! A world where every day objects are much more than what they appear.

And your simple pencil . Would you enjoy playing a game of PacMan with carrots or tinkering with a set of play dough piano keys? If the answer is “yes,” then Makey Makey might be just the toy for you! We made a piano in Scratch, with different notes triggered by the up, down, left, and right arrow keys, by the space bar, and by a mouse click. Each banana is plugged into one of those inputs on the MaKey MaKey.

To connect the person to ground so they can complete the circuit, we like to use a lime. My mission was to extend the existing piano I had… Setting to work I . Find a free virtual piano from the web. Instead of using your keyboard to play the piano , connect the keys on the Makey Makey to bananas.

The bananas then become your piano keys!

Draw your own game controller! Load up your favorite game or find a new one online. No, the Makey Makey is not waterproof. Will it come with some instruction guideline or any samples or ideas to start with basic use until you figure out your own creativity?

Of course there are instructions included. What website do you use to play with the piano. Using the MaKey MaKey with Electric Paint sensors to create a giant piano ladder! Jay Silver is raising funds for MaKey MaKey : An Invention Kit for Everyone on Kickstarter!

Alligator clip the Internet to your world and start inventing the future. A new look at the Makey Makey piano ! We have had a lot of amazing inventors come into the Makery this morning! Two brothers built an aluminum foil piano for the Makey Makey and somebody else modified the piano into a water piano. Come into the Makery to explore the tools and the inventions others .