M bus converter

They allow to monitor some M-Bus meters (like Engelmann, Amber- Wireless, Maddalena, Siemens, exc. meters) with an EtherNetIP net (like an Allen -Bradley PLC exc). The M – bus level converter represents the central metering point. M – Bus Converter and RF Data Concentrator Station. They also have a ZVEI port for optical isolation.

They are of a compact design (wall or DIN rail mounting) and have a broad supply voltage band.

On MBus side it works as MBus master and enable to connect maximum standard MBus receivers (slaves). It can be used with all devices equipped with MBus interface like: heating energy meters, electric energy meters, data recorders and. The Fieldserver acts as a middle man between the two devices.

It reads data from one device, stores it internally and makes it available to the 2nd . Nowadays, more and more manufacturers implement the M-Bus interface in their counters, making it the ideal basis for remote reading applications. Integrating M-BUS units with PowerStudio. In Northern and Central European installations there are many devices that log consumption, equipped with M-BUS commu- nications protocols or interfaces. These equipments measure cold and hot water consumption, .

The reading is accomplished by several different methods – from direct reading of current indication of the instruments to fully remote reading of all devices in the net by GPRS technology. The use of M – bus interface allows fully electronic reading of data with all the benefits of it. М-bus supply converters are the basic device, . Уважаемые покупатели, компания WESER организует продажи через сеть дилеров, информацию о которой вы можете найти в разделе Партнеры.

Или закажите Обратный звонок, и мы с вами свяжемся, чтобы организовать поставку. Свяжитесь с нами, и мы предоставим все необходимое. Manufacturer of AMR Devices – M Bus Converter , GPRS Modem, RF Receiver offered by Accumeasure Systems Private Limite Pune, Maharashtra. Up to counter per converter readable.

In this case, the power supply must be wired separately. RS2or RS4interface. Designed for receiving and transmitting . Low-voltage power distribution and electrical installation engineering.

MBUS -PS2 MBUS -PS8 . M bus communication module. Dönüştürücü MBus sayaçların enerji, güç, hacim giriş çıkış sıcaklıkları gibi bilgilerini okuyarak modbus registerlerine aktarır. Manages up to two pulse inputs.

This TI Design becomes an.

Благодаря этому возможно удаленно производить считывание показаний приборов учета электроэнергии, которые объединены протоколом M-Bus. Modbus master panel, modbus PLC veya modbus .

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