Linear stepper motor

Get the exact stepper motor linear actuator that you need. The various patent pending designs use a proprietary manufacturing . The JVL stepper motor linear actuator is available in non-captive, external linear and captive options. Captive and external linear are also available.

Z-axis slide, with a stepper motor ! CNC engraving machine modification tool!

Slide can be fitted pen, knife or other equi. Motion Control Products offer a unique design of hybrid stepper motor linear actuators with either captive or no cpative formats, that offer high performance and exceptional endurance in a very small package. Our linear stepper motors are offered in both hybrid stepper and permanent magnet designs and are available as non-captive or external linear configurations. Standalone motors and drives, discrete stepper motor drives in PCB and panel mount form-factor and hybrid stepper motors in six NEMA sizes. SANYODENKI Catalog site.

Precautions For Adoption. The platform motors below are typically used in the applications noted. Saia linear stepper motors are an industry standard for integration with precision gas and water valves.

Linear Actuator Stepping Motors. Also available with brushless DC motors. Customised versions of e. For electromechanical linear actuators used in laboratory instrumentation robotics, optical and laser equipment, or X-Y tables, fine resolution in the micron range and high accuracy may require the use of a fractional horsepower stepper motor linear actuator with a fine pitch lead screw.

There are many variations in the . These steppers have a threaded shaft, which allows them to be used as a linear actuator. As the motor runs, it moves along the shaft at a specific rate of. Highly Compact with Folded Drive. Closed-loop DC servo and stepper motor versions.

A linear actuator is a device that develops a force and a motion through a straight line. A stepper motor -based linear actuator uses a stepping motor as the source of rotary power. The shaft is replaced by a lead-screw. We specialize in CUSTOM precision positioning systems. These stepper motor linear actuators operate with a precision lead screw that translates through the motor housing.

The lead screw nut is manufactured from high performance plastic to offer long life and maximum load carrying.