The English words lightening and lightning are only one letter apart in spelling and pronunciation, but worlds apart in meaning. The lightning bolt of comprehension you get after reading this lesson will start lightening your confusion. Lightening is the present participle of the verb to lighten , and refers to the . Lightening and lightning look similar when written down, but in reality they are two very different things.

Keep using lightening instead of lightning?

Besides lightening the mood with bright colours, fun shapes and pretty patterns, they provide endless entertainment for kids—and me. Originally, the words that described bolts of light from the sky and making something less dark were the same. Today, we have lightning and lightening. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Lightening definition: the sensation , experienced by many women late in pregnancy when the head of the fetus. Synonyms for lightening at Thesaurus. However, it may not occur in women who have had two or more prior viable pregnancies (and so are multiparas) until labor actually begins.

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See a lightening storm caught on tape. The nouns lightening and lightning look and sound alike, but their meanings are different. As an adjective, lightning describes . The noun lightning refers to the flash of light that accompanies thunder.

Lightening means becoming lighter in weight – “He was lightening the balloon by throwing out the ballast, and we went up, up and away! It also has a technical, gynaecological meaning to do with wombs: you can look that up yourselves, as I think . A writing tip on using the words lighten , lightening and lightning. REVERSE Skin Lightening Treatment. Item Number RVTT0Retail $99. PCPERKS default promotion description.

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