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You just only have time at night when. Light Panel LED Book Light , Night reading Light (Reading Lighe) – Childrens Night Lights – Amazon. High brightness and brightness can be adjusted.

LED light panel (batteries not included). Portable and lightweight design. Just place it on the book and read.

With no stray light escaping to bother anyone else. It is designed specifically for paperback books. Hours of light on AAA batteries. One-turning operation . Designed specifically for paperback books. It provides a high contrast, even distribution of light without disturbing others around you.

A dimming switch allows for adjusting light intensity, and . Here is a bright, sleek, handy and wonderful innovation for book readers at night time! This lightweight design offers perfect illumination so that you dont strain your eyes when .

Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling items from Singapore, Japan, Korea, US and all over the world at highly discounted price! This book light is the perfect accessory for all book lovers and an ideal gift for frequent travelers. Features: A completely new way for reading. LED Night Book Reading Light Panel.

Unlike normal book lights this reading light illuminates the whole page rather than just part of it. This incredible light directs all the light only onto . Share and compare all Uncategorized. Discount prices and promotional sale on all Book Lights.

Night Vision LED Wedge Panel Book Light. A completely new way to use light for reading. LED Light Wedge Panel Book Reading Lamp Paperback Night – DS.

Novelty design: the entire transparent panel lights up. Simply slide the light panel on the current page you are reading and the page will be “lighted” Lights the page directly, downy light. Without stray light escaping to bother anyone else.