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We supply load cells , torque transducers, multi axis, force and pressure sensors and pressure mapping systems. People and products you can trust. If there is anything you want to know about load cells, this is the place to look.

There is no better source of information. Presuming that the installation was originally operating and was calibrate troubleshooting can begin by checking the components individually to determine if they have been damaged or have failed. Mechanical supports and load connections.

With our digital load cells , you can easily connect a load cell , scale, torque, or pressure transducer to a computer, PLC, or other output for easy readings. Interconnecting cables. Contact us now to learn more. These units incorporate welded stainless steel diaphragms to resist corrosion and to seal against moisture intrusion. These load cells provide high accuracy, resistance to off-center loads with minimum error, . SENDit reads the signal from a load cell and sends that data wirelessly to a receiving indicator, eliminating the need for traditional wire runs.

Torba , Varil Dolum Otomasyonu. Sürekli Bant Kantarları.

Silo ve Bunker Kantarları. Description: This 5kg balance module is a weight sensor module which can be used to measure the weight of object. It comes with HX7ADC tiny controller board which eases the communication between the load cell and microcontroller.

It is quite easy to use since it is capable of interfacing with Arduino. Instruments like load cells provide small signal values and need to be amplified for processing, so without additional electronics, . It will accept any type of strain gage based load cell. Each card can read one load measurement. The card will directly power up to six 350Ohm load cells wired in parallel. In fact, it is a completely stand-alone sophisticated weighing . A superb, simple way of reading and logging data from any strain gauge transducer to your PC.

Stack multiple cards together. Serial interface (RS-485). Load Cells vpgtransducers. All settings made through the serial interface. Automatic unit conversion, zero tracking.