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We specialise in the design and manufacture of inclinometer sensors ( tilt sensors ), with a wide range of standard sensors and modified or custom designs to fit specific applications. With our in depth knowledge of the available inclinometer technologies and our experience of a wide variety of applications, we specialise in . Inclinometers and Tilt Products. TE offers capacitive, conductive electrolytic and MEMS tilt sensing technologies in rugged die-cast aluminum, ceramic, or plastic packages. OEM and end-user packaging is .

They are used in cameras, aircraft flight controls, automobile security systems, and speciality switches and are also used for platform leveling, boom angle indication, and . Murata inclination sensors are an optimum choice for high accuracy leveling and inclination measurement instruments. The highest accuracy is available with SCA103T series that use differential measurement principle to compensate all common mode error and noise effects. Our inclinometers provide reliable, highly accurate, tilt and inclination measurements and are used in demanding military and industrial applications where inclinometers. Dual Axes with RS-2Interface.

RoHS Compliant Details. Every Jewell precision inclinometer responds to changes of slope as small as 0. The AAL-Series conductive inclination sensor offers a fully calibrated inclination sensor module on a PCB.

Sensors , Transducers ship same day. The sensor provides voltage output depending on the inclination angle and related to the specific axis, as well as a voltage based temperature output signal. An optional integrated e2-prom . Output options include standard industrial 4-20mA or V, plus serial data outputs including CanBus. Find all the manufacturers of inclinometer and contact them directly on DirectIndustry.

Join LinkedIn today for free. Our range of tilt sensors use our own patented non-contact sensing technology giving a virtually infinite life. A output, stackable for X and Y measurements. Find out more about the workings of inclination sensors based on MEMS technology.

How do inclinometer measure the angle or slope? An inclinometer system has two components: (1) inclinometer casing and (2) an inclinometer measurement system. Grooves inside the casing control the orientation of the inclinometer sensor and provide a uniform surface for measurements.

The tilt sensor with CAN-Bus interface can be use thanks to its robust design, for measuring the slope of lifting platforms or for monitoring the fork tilt on telescopic ladders. The MTLT Family of tilt and inclination sensors provide pitch and roll information over a range of ± 90° and of ± 180° respectively. They offer a convenient RS-2interface user selectable filtering, and built in programmable tilt alarm feature ideal for tilt safety applications.

Each MTLT is individually calibrated over . Rieker provides a complete line of inclinometer and accelerometer sensors.

Semi-custom and custom products available, contact us . This gradienter module is based on the SCA100T-Dchip, which provides instrumentation grade performance for leveling applications. The measuring axis of the sensing elements are parallel to the mounting plane and orthogonal to each other. Benefiting from its low temperature dependency, . Digital Tilt sensors or inclinometers from Aeron promise high accuracy of the performance and reliability. A tilt sensor is an instrument that is used for measuring the tilt in two axes of a reference plane in two axes. Tilt sensors measure the tilting position with reference to gravity and are used in a numerous applications.

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