Hc sr501 datasheet

The PIR Sensor module allows you to sense motion. It is often referred to used PIR, Pyroelectric, Passive Infrared and IR Motion sensor. The module has an on-board pyroelectric sensor, conditioning circuitry . It is commonly used in turning the lights on and off automatically when people arrive or leave.

It is very reliable for robot projects which need human detection. Модуль представляет собой датчик движения человека.

Чувствительный элемент. Infrared Detection)Motion Sensor is usually used in the security field. All people can output infrared light. When somebody moves in front of the module, then the infrared light variation will be detected by the module. HC – SR5Datasheet PDF Download – PIR MOTION DETECTOR.

For this sensor, it will output a high voltage when people moves in front of it. Operating voltage range DC 4. DYP- ME003) Can be used with. Son 4- yılda çok hızlı bir.

PIR sensörünün açılımı Passive Infrared Sensor. Файлы для следующих товаров. Купить Инфракрасный датчик движения HC- SR501.

See the Datasheet for details. Search this site: Products. Поторговался и взял за доллара. На ebay таких модулей как грязи. Введите в поиск название и офигеете от количества . LHI7探头设计,灵敏度高,可靠性强,超低电压工作模式,广泛应.

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FEATURES: GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: = Gizduino and Arduino Compatible =Input Supply: 5V – 20VDC. PIRs arrived in good condition and I quickly tested of them with an RGB LED. V version of the Arduino Pro Mini.

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