Glow wire test

Due to the possibility of human mis- application, over-current, or short circuit failures within an appliance wiring system, fire protection requirements were created to evaluate and rate the flammability of material used within an appliance. Glow wire testing is one such . What is glow wire testing ? Its purpose is to protect against the risk of fire from overheated or electrically energised parts which may cause the plastic material to ignite. Simply put, the GWFI is the highest temperature at which three samples of material at the relevant thickness pass the glow – wire test. Knowing the GWFI of a material can help when selecting .

Its purpose is to ensure the end product does not ignite or spread flames should an ignition source (such as an overheated part) come into. A short film showing how glow wire testing is performed. Powermatic Intelligent Extension goes through various test to ensure its quality of every batch, and assures. Zwick Yarı-Otomatik Test Sistemleriyle, Kızgın Tel-Testleri yardımıyla plastiklerin yanma davranışları tespit edilmektedir. Burning behavior of compounded thermoplastics is not just a material characteristic.

The glow wire test is used to simulate the effect of heat as may arise in malfunctioning electrical equipment, such as with overloaded or glowing components. Test provide a way of comparing the ability of materials to extinguish flames and their ability to not produce particles capable of spreading fire. As it is usually the case with other flammability tests also with this test it is not easy to obtain repeatable.

Therefore we designed GLOW WIRE TEST APPARATUS with goal of improved repeatability of test and ease of operation. The BOLD features below are some of advantages that were introduced to reach . This semi-automatic Zwick testing system determines the fire behavior of plastics by means of a glow wire. In this test, parts overloaded by a glow wire or glowing components are simulated. The specimen is held for seconds against the glow wire.

While this is done, it is checked whether the specimen starts to burn, how long it . When overheating occurs during the operation or malfunction of electrical equipment it can cause ignition of the adjacent insulation material. Insulating materials in electrical equipment need to be able to resist ignition for short periods from thermal stress induced by non-flaming glowing sources. The glow wire tem- perature (Fig. 2) is determined by the Elec- trical Equipment Committee as a function of the type of risk arising when the product. It simulates glowing wires inside component assemblies, which can occur as a result of overloading and produce extreme temperature peaks.

Features and different models availables. Test criterion for three consecutive test pieces of the same thickness: a. Highest temperature at which the flames or glowing are extinguished within _30s of removing the glow wire. In addition, the tissue paper underlay beneath the test specimen must not ignite. Electrical connectors in these applications must pass glow wire testing to be compliant with the standard. Testing also applies to unattended equipment outside the household that could cause a hazard to the public (e.g., vending machines).

The test specimen does not ignite.

Abstract: The object of this paper is to present a low-cost automation of the glow – wire test apparatus. In the original configuration, the carriage which supports the test specimen has to be manually moved to the glow- wire. Примеры перевода, содержащие „ glow wire test 850“ – Русско-английский словарь и система поиска по миллионам русских переводов.

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