Affordable thin film thickness measurement systems from the world sales and technology leader. From near infrared to ultraviolet. What is the Fused for?

Measured films must be optically smooth and within the thickness range set by the system configuration requirements specified in Appendix B, Performance. Join LinkedIn today for free. Analysis of the reflectance from the top and bottom of the film to be measured shows the thickness, the extinction coefficient and the index of refraction in about a second.

Any smooth, transparent or thin film with . Backup: Garry Bordonaro. Description: The two FilMetrics systems at the CNF can measure optically transparent films. Find executives and the latest company news. Optical constants (n and k) can also be measured on a variety of dielectric films.

In just one click we measure thin-film thickness . For the most part, the changes are made by defining a new recipe . Lab Core: BRK Metrology Core. Filmetrics is the manufacturer of thickness measurement systems.

Location: Cleanroom Bay S. Commonly measured films include semiconductor process films such as oxides, nitrides, resists and polysilicon. This tool is for thickness and optical property measurements of films on substrates. The technique used is white light reflection.

Data is taken with normal incidence reflection of white light (4nm – 8nm) from the surface. The data is modeled and the optical parameters are adjusted to give a best . Considering a career at FILMETRICS CORP. Learn what its like to work for FILMETRICS CORP. Turn on the light—switch is on the front of system.

Allow the light to warm-up for 5-minutes. to the computer using your ASURITE or ASUAD user name and password. Open the software “ FILMeasure” by double clicking on the icon. The graph will show the reflectance versus . Noncontact film thickness measurement for polymers, some dielectrics, and thin metals. Remote Access to Instrument: No .