Ffc connector

Please view our large . Flexible flat cable, or FFC , refers to any variety of electrical cable that is both flat and flexible. A flexible flat cable is a type of flexible electronics. Shop for flexible flat Cables and connectors at arrow.

Free shipping available. The Würth Elektronik product catalog Electromechanical Components contains connectors , switches, assembly technique and terminals.

It is designed for the use of multipolarization, operability and both upper and lower contacts. Moreover, it inherits from tilt type, and it improves the freedom of design for placing at the PC board dramatically . This type of connector can be used in a wide range of digital devices when a low profile or the horizontal insertion of flex is required. SMT with side and top entry options.

FFC connector products in 0. Order samples, download drawings and 3D models here. Flat Flexible Cable ( FFC ) Socket Strip . Broad range product group that includes space-saving, easy-to-use Flip-top style connectors with a pitch range from 0. Taken factories in Taiwan and mainland China fully automated production equipment, using the highest technical standards in order to have a level with the world of modern production equipment factory proud.

Connector : Available in 4~circuits. Applicable FPC thickness 0. Metal solder tabs provide PCB hold- down and strain relief. Housing:High Temperature Thermoplastic UL94V-0. Color:Natural Actuator:4~29P PABlack Actuator:30~39P PPS Brown Phosphor . Series list search of JAE connectors.

Footprint: Footprint: Cable specification: Cable specification: Technical data. G – SMD gull wing SMD gull wing. Pitch between terminals 0. Ideal for tight- packaging applications. Further innovations such as “auto-lock, tandem contact and shielded versions help ensure secure use for automotive and industrial applications. The ability to deploy these units . Our flat flexible cable connectors have reasonable price and best quality, . Our Engineering team continually strives to develop products that help our electronic design and manufacturing customers make their products smaller, lighter, more durable and reliable while still maximizing cost . Molex offers a complete product line of 0. Premo-Flex FFC jumpers are available in different circuit sizes.

This connector is just one example of the whole range of our connectors. The Flex connectors from Amphenol ICC are LIF (low insertion force) and ZIF ( zero insertion force), top and bottom contact options, vertical and right angle orientations, surface mount and through hole terminations. COMPACT, LOW PROFILE, HIGH SPEED High Speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) is a connector with.

Photos, Product Family, Product Family Description, Detail. The can integrated actuator retains the FPC at all contact points to ensure secure connection, even with multiple contacts. ER-CON40HT-is Pin 0.