Digital potentiometer

Analog Devices portfolio of digital potentiometers provide uncompromising performance across a wide range of industrial temperatures. Sometimes called digital pots, RDACs, or digiPOTs, these compact devices can be used to calibrate system tolerances or dynamically control system parameters. Please view our selection of digital potentiometer.

A digital potentiometer is a digitally-controlled electronic component that mimics the analog functions of a potentiometer. It is often used for trimming and scaling analog signals by microcontrollers.

Microchip offers a wide range of devices that allow you to select the best fit for your application needs. The digital POT is a mixed signal device. The analog portion of the device is the three-terminal analog component called potentiometer.

The input signals to the digital section are the external control signals from the serial bus. Integrated Circuits (ICs) ship same day. The amount of steps in the ladder determines the resolution of the digital pot.

The diagram below shows the working principle of a digital potentiometer with steps.

Intersil offers the widest selection of low-to-high resolution digital potentiometers in single dual and quad configurations. Digital resistors can be . Available in both linear and non-linear tapers, these digital potentiometers replace mechanical potentiometers and trim resistors in applications where digital control allows microprocessor interfacing and . Essentially, both types of potentiometer are an. Total resistance, 1kΩ~100kΩ.

Operating Temperature, -40°C~85°C. Package, SC7MSOP, SOT- 2 TDFN, TSSOP. RoHS Status, RoHS Compliant. To buy this product, please contact Sales Reps, Distributors.

Tutorial to explain how to implement the MCP4XXseries of digital potentiometers using the Arduino or. We know the analog potentiometer , is a three-terminal resistor with a sliding contact that forms an adjustable voltage divider. Normally lurking unseen inside stereo systems, the digital potentiometer needs no adjustment, because it adjusts itself. Its fluctuating resistance can change the color or brightness of a light, the loudness or frequency of a soun or any other parameters that depend on voltage and current.

Users may set a desired resistance between 60Ω and 10kΩ by programming the chip through SPI. Download the full article as a. PDF, sponsored by Analog What are digital potentiometers , and how are they used?

It is a kind of mixed signal IC, which is able to dynamically change the internal resistors through MCU like Arduino. This model shows how to model a digital potentiometer such as is used to control audio amplifiers from a digital circuit or microprocessor-controlled system. The datasheet specifies an end-to-end .

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