Delta c2000 pdf

Check if the wiring is in line with the wiring precautions section to prevent noise coupling. It is recommended to use shielded wires for connecting the frequency converter and the motor to prevent the coupling effect of the motor wire and other equipment. AC input power must be disconnected before any wiring to the AC motor drive is made.

Even if the power has been turned off, a charge may still remain in the DC-link capacitors with hazardous voltages before the POWER LED is OFF. Please do not touch the internal circuit and components. It features precise spee torque and position control functions that are suitable for both sensor and sensorless types of synchronous and asynchronous motors. This series offers four – Modular design for easy maintenance and many extensions competitive valueshigh efficiency, high.

We reserve the right to change the information in this catalogue without prior notice. Parametre Ayarları Özeti. У: Çalışma esnasında ayarlanabilen parametre.

Ayarlar yapıldıktan sonra parametre değerlerini sağdaki “Not” sütununa yazabilirsiniz. Capacidad del motor apropiad. Consulte las especificaciones para obtene info. Version number: A=without filter. Motor Controls and HMI interface applications.

Type Your Part No Here and Hit Enter. Delta Variable Frequency. International Customers. Applicable motor capacity. Refer to the specifications for details.

Series name(Variable Frequency Drive). Модель преобразователя. Диапазон выходной частоты. Relevant communication parameters. COMcommunication address (1~25 factory setting: ). COMtransmission speed (~11 bau factory setting: ). You could simply search our.

EMC-PG- Encoder Card. Classical Field Oriented Control AC Motor Drive. Mb Posts about ISPSoft written by mdorti and dchen22. NEW – 24V Lyte DIN rail power supply series extended.

And at the same time, when the wind is too strong, protect the windmill situating the blades in less friction position against the win direction. Türü, DELTA HIZ KONTROL CİHAZLARI KULLANIM KILAVUZU. Throughout this document and other peripheral guides, the following abbreviations are used for a series of. TMS320x28xx refers to TMS320x281x and TMS320x280x devices.

Bu inverterde harici start stop için hangi parametreyi ayarlamam gerekiyor.

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