Celduc ssr

Interface with DIN rail adapter. Zero-cross relay “resistive load”. SHT range : designed in a single low profile package – this range of three- phase AC solid-state relays is designed to provide control of medium power in three-phase applications.

Vdc, to 150A for DC applications. Typical applications : DC power supplies (converters like choppers, inverters, …) Batteries (ships, solar systems, …) Heaters (air conditioning in trains, tramways, …) Signals switching (testing equipments, …) . Celduc solid state röleleri ve sensörleri yenilikçi, güvenilir, sessiz, uzun ömürlü ve yüksek verimli yapıları sayesinde kullanım alanlarına her geçen gün bir yenisini ekleyerek genel ve endüstriyel amaçlı birçok uygulamada kullanılmaktadırlar.

This panel mount relay features zero crossing switching mode and screw terminals. Zero cross solid state relay designed for most types of loads. Overvoltage protection on input (Transil) and output (VDR) . Customized immersed power transformers from 50kVA to 17MVA.

ABN company offers Celduc solid state relays ( SSR ), sensors and controllers in Minsk, Belarus. The company has many years of experience in design, development, production, testing and marketing of solid state sensors, controllers , . Solid state relays (SSR). Cost-effective, reliable and compact solution (2mm pitch SSR solution) . Aradıgınızı hala bulamadınız mı?

Minimum Çalışma Sıcaklığı. Maksimum Çalışma Sıcaklığı. One of the worlds most respected manufacturers . These innovative and highly efficient components are used to control all types of loads used in many industries.

The three major application areas are industrial. SCCR stands for Short Circuit Current Rating. So far our relays have been certified according to the UL 508A NRNTwhich was stating a short circuit current of only kA.

This value is in fact close to what . Trademark: Agent Description: Contact US. New Taipei City 23Taiwan. CARLO GAVAZZI : Sensors:Capacitve,inductive,level,Photoelectric. Controls: Panel Meter,Phase meter, SSR ,SCR POWER REGULATOR,relay.

Switches:Soft Starter,Timer,Energy meter,PB. Fieldbuses:Dupline Module Other brand availble too:Crydom,Crouzet, Celduc. Free Next Day Delivery.