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Tested by athletes, filmmakers and explorers all over the world and actors such as Redbull, GoPro and Nitro Circus. Wiral LITE will bring new angles to filming and make the impossible shots possible. Speed Line cable cam SPL_ATCSystem is a professional tool for any filmmaker who wants to get more from his footage.

PhotoShip One has developed a zipline cable cam system called “FlyLine”. A small company by the.

The autonomous cablecam that enables video professionals unmatched camera movement and control. The Motion Compound Engineering cable cam system is custom designed and custom built in Germany. Our motors combine high performance and low weight while the entire rig runs silently and free of vibrations even under heavy load. Smooth starts and very slow slides with kph up to powerfull rides at a speed of 48 . One startup aims to bring the gliding motion effects of expensive cable systems to any user in the form of Wiral Lite, a cable system designed for compact cameras. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to test drive the Varavon Wirecam.

Although the affordability and use of drones are increasing for aerial imaging, there are still many instances in which a Drone would . We test the Wiral LITE, a portable cablecam on Kickstarter.

Amg Flowrig 25$–1. Cable Cam Cable Cam 3. We knew there was nothing that existed for film makers on a budget. Commercials have a limited amount of time to get a message across to the viewer. Directors look for shots that draw in the audience and create interest in the product they are promoting. Wiral LITE is a new and affordable cable cam that can carry a GoPro or a small mirrorless camera and be setup by just about everyone!

By GoPro Original Productions. Karma In Flight – Landing. Meet the Wiral LITE, an inexpensive, portable, and easy to use cable cam. Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. REEL FACTORY is the only owner operator of the 48V Dactyl Cam Pro cable cam system in New Zealand.

Most professional cable cam systems require tremendous amount of work to setup on location . SPEED LINE cable cam is a professional filmmaker gear. Sometimes it is nice to capture a time lapse sequence using motion with a larger distance than you could get from a slider. I have seen many cable cams that are used in video production, and thought it would be a good idea to make one that went very slow to capture time lapse sequences.

The original cable cam was used . This point to point system consists in anchoring the rope between two poles or trees up to 200m from each other.

The camera and the Freefly MoVi gyro -stabilizer is attached to the platform. Primeren je za kadre, ki so posneti iz težko dostopnega terena. The first think to change was the cable. Not being into fishing I barely knew what I was looking for and before too long I got bored and decided to use something I was more familiar with.

Climbing accessory cord. Build your own DIY cable cam for 2-Axis time-lapse! This simple instructional video will guide you through the steps to build your own.

Your browser does not currently recognize any . The Acrobat is an all angles cable trolley for your camera. No servos, gyros, or motors. We provide a cable cam rental service, based in North Wales and available across the UK.

We are also CAA Approved Drone Pilots.