Bs170 mosfet

N−Channel TO−(TO−226). Drain − Source Voltage. These products have been designed to minimize on-state resistance while provide rugge reliable, and fast switching performance. BS1from Fairchild at low prices and same day dispatch!

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Buy BS1today from Farnell elementwith hassle-free returns! N− Channel TO−(TO−226). Non−repetitive (tp ≤ μs). BS1Transistor Datasheet, BS1Equivalent, PDF Data Sheets. Parameters and Characteristics.

Electronic Component Catalog. N-Channel 60-V ( D-S) MOSFET.

Part Number V(BR)DSS Min (V) rDS(on) Max (Ω). This very high density process has been designed to minimize on-state resistance while provide rugge reliable and fast switching performance. It can be used in most . Buy Fairchild BS1N-channel MOSFET , 5mA, V, 3-Pin TO-BS170. Browse our latest MOSFET Transistors offers.

Free Next Day Delivery. Note – this is a fragile component! Use caution not to overheat or break leads. BS17 BS1Datasheet, BS1MOSFET Transistor Datasheet, buy BS170. Buy Transistor BS1TO-Transistor N Channel MOSFET Volt.

Small Signal MOSFET – BS170. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. BS1- N Channel Mosfet – BS1- N Channel Mosfet New Lower Price! That is called a complementary transistor. Check this list for PFETs with the characteristics you want.

Landgraff Clean Boost Pedal.

It has a very low gate threshold voltage around 2. V and can drive up to 500mA continuously.

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