Board to board connector

A wide variety of stacking, mezzanine, coplanar, and orthogonal connectors for high-spee high-density, and high-power applications. Interconnect systems with pitch availability as small as 0. Each terminal on a BTB connector is connected to a PCB. A BTB connector includes housing and a . The Mezzostak, Bergstak , Rotaconnect Rotatable, Dubox, Econostik etc, are some of them.

Board to Board , Board to FPC connector. Piece card edge, compression connectors and individual contacts are available. Information on Kyocera board to board connectors. We offer broad range of passive electronic components with leading-edge technologies.

The horizontal connection between PCBs enables and the mechanism of absorbing the PCB misalignment has been installed . The Würth Elektronik product catalog Electromechanical Components contains connectors , switches, assembly technique and terminals. Mill-Max machined pin board interconnects offer an ideal solution to the board-to-board interconnect challenges that design engineers face every day. We offer a variety of options to accommodate everything from space-saving, fine-pitch requirements, to larger, more robust .

This type is used when space limitations make it necessary to stack printed circuit boards or when small-module circuit boards are mounted on a motherboard. Board-to-board enables parallel connections between printed circuit boards with. Series list search of JAE connectors. Header and Plug Connectors are soldered to the boar creating a fixed connection that can be . Mconnectors provide a compact 1. SMT tape and reeled package. SMPs are often used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and offer RF performance from DC to 40GHz.

The interface is ideal for printed circuit board and hi-density modular packaging applications. The interface series utilizes a male connector on each of the PC boards and a female-to-female adapter mounted . Look no further for your custom board to board connector solutions. Photos, Product Family, Product Family Description, Detail.

Features: – Ultra-slim 0. Low profile and space efficient connector – Compatible with Panasonic (Nais), and Molex – Lead free, Halogen free. Added mating strength due to locking structure of contact, and presence of positive clicking feeling when locking. These connectors are developed for board-to-board and board -to-module RF interconnections.

They have grown in popularity in the wireless telecom market due to the need for miniaturization.

Over time, engineers are replacing bulky RF cable assemblies by simple board-to-board RF connectors able to handle power.

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