Bernstein switches

BERNSTEIN is renowned for the development and marketing of safety switches , sensors and enclosures. Our focus of attention is protecting the operator through machine and process safety. This means a comprehensive product programme which fully meets relevant safety requirements across a wide range of specific . Heavy duty enclosure for harsh operating conditions with particularly tough design of actuator and switching systems.

BERNSTEIN has an established reputation for providing high-quality safety switches , sensors and enclosures.

Our products protect people from potential harm in a number of applications where humans interact with machines. Our comprehensive product range has been developed to meet the . Bu sayfanın çevirisini yap Safety switch range. BERNSTEIN electrical safety switches for machine guarding, limit switches , foot switches , rope pull switches , sensors and electronic safety products for industrial use have been developed to achieve the highest quality and performance possible. With our comprehensive range of switches , sensors , enclosures and operator termi- nals, we offer our customers effective and versatile solutions. By conforming to international safety guidelines, our products.

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Huge Inventory – Same Day Shipping – Expert Technical Support. Discover the switch product range of BERNSTEIN. Contact the manufacturer directly. It has a rotatable head that permits four alternative key inputs and can be supplied with MRU flexible key in stainless steel.

The switch is available with various contacts, all forced disconnect, for different type of solutions. For use with larger doors and hatches without . Bernstein SK safety switch is suitable for doors and gates. Mechanical limit switches detect position by the movement of an actuator mounted on the body of the switch. These actuators can vary from plungers to rollers to wobble sticks. Limit Switches are available to buy from Park Electrical Services, a distributor based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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Including Standard Position Switches and Safety Command Switches.

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