Bd911 transistor

COMPLEMENTARY SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS s. STMicroelectronics PREFERRED. The BD9and BD9are silicon Epitaxial-Base. NPN power transistors mounted in Jedec TO-2plastic package.

They are intented for use in power linear and switching applications.

The complementary PNP types are BD9and BD9respectively. SavantIC Semiconductor. Complement to type BD9BD912. Intented for use in power linear and switching applications. Collector;connected to.

Free Next Day Delivery. BD9NPN transistör anahtarlama elemanı olarak kullanılan komponenttir.

Yüksek güç gerektiren akım ve gerilim kazanç devrelerinde kullanılır. Check out our wide range of products. Characteristics of the bipolar transistor BD911.

Purchase now with free delivery and COD option. STMICROELECTRONICS BD9BIPOLAR TRANSISTOR , NPN, 100V, TO- 220AB (piece): Amazon. Maximum Operating Temperature. Number of Elements per Chip.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Transistor Configuration. This device manufactured in epitaxial planar technology. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online. Emitter-Base Voltage: 5V.

Power Dissipation: 90W, DC Current Gain hFE: 150. Type: NPN, Dimensions: 15A. Unfirm seaplane jars and locate your shots Holi and viviparous address.

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I used a BD9transistor (B, C, E) and field-effect IRF530N (G, S) transistor. Two other pins got wires for the current needed to power the external device (LED for tests). Just set digital pin to high (pinHigh) to turn the switch on, .

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