Bc107 transistor

NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR. DESCRIPTION : The CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR BC1, BC10. Philips Semiconductors. Low current (max. 1mA). General purpose switching and amplification.

The BC1and BC107B are silicon Planar. They are suitable for use in driver stages, low noise input stages and signal processing circuits of television reveivers. The PNP complementary types are BC1and BC177B respectively. HERMETICALLY SEALED TO18.

SCREENING OPTIONS AVAILABLE. Collector – Base Continuous Voltage. Suitable for applications requiring low noise and good hFE linearity, eg.

A BC1was an old ordinary little transistor in a metal case. Its max Vceo is 45V, its max current is only 100mA and its hFE is from 1to 5at 2mA. A BC5has the same chip but in a modern epoxy case and its allowed thermal power is double the BC107.

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The name BC1has to be decoded as below B- silicon transistor. The complete specifications would be present in its datasheet. LOW NOISE GENERAL PURPOSE AUDIO AMPLIFIERS. Characteristics of the bipolar transistor BC107. Bc1Transistor offered by Compoindia, a leading supplier of Transistors in Sector 2 Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Small signal general purpose transistor with silicon planar epitaxial construction, suitable for low noise general purpose audio amplifiers. RoHS Information, RoHS Declaration of Compliance.

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