ATV312HU55N- variable speed drive ATV3- 5. W – 15kVA – 232W – 380. Disclaimer: This documentation is not intended as a substitute for and is not to be used for determining suitability or reliability of these products for specific user applications. Neither Schneider Electric Industries SAS nor any of its affiliates or subsidiaries shall be responsible or liable for misuse of the information contained herein. Buy Schneider Electric ALTIVAR 3Inverter Drive 5.

Browse our latest Inverter Drives offers. Free Next Day Delivery. Kıyaslama Listene Ekle. ALIŞMA VOLTAJ, 3Vac.

If you are an electrical contractor, systems integrator, architect, or builder see how Clipsal products and solutions can benefit your projects. HP,Input Phase AC,480VAC Input Voltage. Variable Frequency Drive,7.

КВТ 500В 3Ф отправим в регионы Schneider Electric оптовые низкие цены.

Доставка Москва, Новосибирск, Екатеринбург, Челябинск, Краснодар, Нижний Новгород Ростове-на-Дону, Самара, Новый Уренгой, вся Россия. Power indicated on plate (1). Amp, With Heat Sink, 5Volt AC, 3-Phase. Available in Select Areas. Brand: Schneider Electric.

Description: Schneider Electric 5. Full Load Current (A):, 14. Before repairing the variable speed drive: – Disconnect all power, including external control power that may be present. Place a “DO NOT TURN ON” label on all power disconnects.

Lock all power disconnects in the open position. WAIT MINUTES to allow the DC bus capacitors to discharge. Measure the voltage of . W: Vehicle Electronics Accessories: Amazon. Bu kısıtlama bütün alanlarda geçerli olmamakla birlikte birçok iş alanını kapsadığından üreticilerin RoHS Uyumlu ürünleri kullanmaları gerekmektedir.

RS in RoHS Uyumluluğuna Bakışı. W 400V 3ph – AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller.

Купить преобразователь частоты schneider electric atv312hu55n( кВт) в интернет-магазине электротехники 220volt в Киеве:цена, отзывы. Listeme Ekle Ürün Karşılaştır Beni Ara. Açıklama Yorumlar ( 0).

Основные характеристики. Коммерческий статус Коммерциализировано Серия Altivar 312. Тип изделия или аксессуара Преобразователь частоты. Назначение продукта Асинхронные двигатели.

Применение изделия Simple machine. Displays: Drive Voltage, Key Pad Lockout: Yes. Product or component type.

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