Agilent multimeter

FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. A provides a combination of resolution, accuracy and speed that rivals DMMs costing many times more. ADE, Driver Type, Interface(s), Options, NI Certifie Rating. LabVIEW, Plug and Play (project-style), IEEE 488.

It has inputs in the front AND back, and I can switch between them with the press of a button.

Measurement accuracy seems spot-on, the display is superb, controls are easy to follow and use, and the included test leads . Hz to 3kHz ac bandwidth. Its combination ofbench-top and system features makes this multimeter a versatile solution for your measurement needs now and in the future. Convenient Bench-Top Features. Highly visible vacuum-fluorescent display. HH DMM – now in fresh orange!

SHIFT key and one-stop function keys for easy access. These features give you the flexibility to perform quick validation measurements or perform tolerance checks and marginal failure trou-.

The DMM (digital multimeter ) is a very important laboratory instrument. Multimeter gives you 4. This section will show you how to make three of the basic measurements: voltage, resistance and current. Log-in or register for your pricing.

The material contained in this docu- ment is provided “as is,” and is sub – ject to being change without notice, in future editions. Further, to the max- imum extent permitted by applicable law, Agilent disclaims all warranties, either express or implie with regard to this manual and any information contained herein . More flexibility with multiple connectivity. Serial Interface (RS-232) and.

Day Replacement Guarantee. Browse our latest Digital. Fully featured digital multimeters with comprehensive measurement functions and optical USB interface. It provides a broad range of features and measurement functions such as DC voltage, DC current, true-. RMS AC voltage and AC current, 2-wire resistance, frequency . The problem was in the way I send a command over terminal.

After a command the multimeter expects line feed character, in PuTTY this is ctrl-j. The code below successfully gets response with a value of a voltage. I found solution reading through this forum .

I was researching data on my new Agilent DMM , I came across many instances of advertising and papers indirectly or directly mentioning each other. Government Restricted Rights. Soft- ware and technical data rights granted to the federal government include only those rights customarily provided to end user cus- tomers. Agilent provides this customary commercial license in Software and techni- cal data pursuant to FAR 12.

With the world’s first OLED handheld DMM , you won’t have to squint to ensure that you’re reading your measurements right. Protection Limits are not exceeded.